U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc., has been a leader in tire conditioning treatments for truck and off road tires since 1989. No other company has a stronger track record or more expertise in developing exceptional tire treatment products proven to cut fleet operating costs.

Unlike many after market tire products, U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc.'s products have been subjected to extensive testing by nationally recognized, independent laboratories.
Over 4.5 million miles of real world in-the-field fleet testing.
At U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc., our first priority is to fully understand our customer's needs and requirements. We view quality as a process of continuing improvement in all aspects of the product and service we deliver. As such, it embodies a never ending search for the answers which best meet the needs of our customers.

The delivery of quality serves the long term interest of all those associated with U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc. Our commitment to quality has allowed us to grow and prosper in a competitive industry that is becoming more and more challenging. We at U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc. recognize that only through the extraordinary creative efforts of our employees can we set the standard for performance as expected of us as an industry leader.
Quality is our way of life.
U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc. is a family-owned and run business located in the rural town of Pearland, Texas, just outside of Houston, Texas. U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc. has been in business since 1989. A small group of dedicated people have made us what we are today. Quality-driven, customer-oriented, service is and has always been our policy. There are many other companies in the industry who are just there to supply the product. We are here to supply, service, and continue the relationship with you for years to come. You will receive personal attention at U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc.