Our TireSmart® Merge 3000 are ideal for use in Agricultural Vehicles, such as Tractors, Harvesters, Bunchers, Forestry Equipment, Bailers and Threshers. In addition to providing protection against punctures up to 1/4" in diameter, our formulation provides for cooler running tires, casing and inner liner protection and hydrodynamic balancing.
Merge 3000 was designed to address the needs of the Heavy Duty Off-Road tires used by Agricultural Industry.

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TireSmart® Merge 3000 is a one-time preventative maintenance application product designed and formulated especially to increase the service life of tubeless and tubed-type tires. It was designed to extend tire life by preventing porosity leaks, reducing internal friction, sealing punctures and by providing hydrodynamic balancing.

Stablizing Air Pressure
Cooler Running Tires
Hydrodynamic Balancing
Protection against Wheel, Rim, Belt Corrosion, and Rubber Degredation
Sealed Punctures of up to 1/4"
Casing and Inner LIner Protection
Extention of Tread/Tire Life
Reduction of your Tire Maintenance Budget
Available in 9 Different Packaging Sizes

Not Recommended for
Water-Filled Tires.