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TireSmart® is a technological breakthrough in preventative tire maintenance for tube and tubeless type tires. Whether they're truck tires or off-road equipment tires, the story is usually the same. Tires wearing out or being destroyed long before their time. And it's costing fleet owners/operators millions of dollars in tire down time and replacement costs.

is an advanced proprietary formulation, developed by U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc., a leader in tire conditioning treatments for truck and off road tires since 1989. No other company has a stronger track record or more expertise in developing exceptional tire treatment products proven to cut fleet operating costs.

Unlike many after market tire products, U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc.'s products have been subjected to extensive testing by nationally recognized, independent laboratories. U.S. Tire-Tech, Inc. has also accumulated over
4 million miles of real world in the field fleet testing.

With operating costs rising, isn't it time you looked into TireSmart® savings? Don't let your tire maintenance budget leave you dumbfounded, get TireSmart® today!