Waste Removal
Our TireSmart® Merge 2000 formulation was specifically engineered to sustain and protect the tires of Waste Haulers which endure landfill debris, sidewall punctures and curb damage on a daily basis.
Merge 2000 was designed to address the needs of multi-use tires used by the Construction Road Haulers and Dump Trucks.

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Stablizing Air Pressure
Cooler Running Tires
Hydrodynamic Balancing
Protection against Wheel, Rim, Belt Corrosion, and Rubber Degredation
Sealed Punctures of up to 1/4"
Casing and Inner LIner Protection
Extention of Tread/Tire Life
Reduction of your Tire Maintenance Budget
Available in 13 Different Packaging Sizes

TireSmart® Merge 2000 is a one-time preventative maintenance application product designed and formulated especially to increase the service life of tubeless and tubed-type tires. It was designed to extend tire life by preventing porosity leaks, reducing internal friction, sealing punctures and by providing hydrodynamic balancing.